the vibration of breath 
trying to push through my gated nostril
awakens my mind
burning throat
scaly like the earth's surface 
unable to talk
the strings of thought
burst in--
a waterfall of fear,
to-do lists, and dread

just breathe, I remind
just breathe
but I can't do it fully
each nostril stuffed to its brim
firmly gated

a faint tune rings
it's time again
filled with a yearning for lazy mornings 
filled with needs of more sleep
I stroll towards the shower
a reflection of a woman stares back 
dark circles
graying at the temples
tiny blemishes sprouted across
her face

Searching for rest
I inhale the steam
and breathe for the first time
each breath filling my body--
a balloon 
a life
a day
a moment--
The present is all.

Napowrimo 2015

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