Truth or Dare

Dear Administrator,
You with your pointy finger
And meetings about
the ones that continued
to demoralize and devalue me, my abilities, my talents.

Dear Parents,
You with your Harvard bound children
whom I couldn’t challenge with my lowly abilities,
Who self published a novel and so, could easily do what I do for a living.

Dear Student,
You with your stubborn eyes
and heels cemented to the classroom floor.

I dare you
To continue daily not showing an ounce of bias whilst performing your craft and knowing that your own Principal doesn’t support or believe in you!

I dare you
To overcome and grow
inspite of a group of people who couldn’t understand your talent, who judged you for your last name, who came towards you with mass weapons of anger and suspicion.

I dare you!
You three,
to be me
For a day
For an hour
For a minute
And show a fraction of the grace that ripples off me when I walk down the hall!


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