3 phases for crispy perfection:

First bring rice to boil–5mins
then, drain and rinse rice under cold water–stop the cooking

Second coat the bottom of pan with oil–be liberal
Poke wholes in it–careful to not poke all the way to bottom of pan
Cook on high–8 mins

Third cover pan with towel
gently place lid atop towel
Cook on low–25 mins

Flip it upside down
Crispy side up
On pretty plate

Easy it seems
3 simple steps
each clear with set times
Yet each step takes care, love, attention
You can’t just walk away
Not in the beginning
I’m slowly learning,
perfecting with each attempt

Progress not perfection
It takes work to get it right
Even experts can be imperfect sometimes



9 thoughts on “Tahdig

      1. Okay. Have you ever tried putting saffron in your rice?
        It gives it a very subtle flavour and a golden colour.

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