Split in half

I lay on my back
Listening to the intricate drumming
Of the rain against the metal roof
Split in half by
My right side filled with fears; my demons swimming around
circling my mind
My left side filled with dreams; my salvation popping like popcorn on the stove

No reality
It’s all I’ve known for so many years
It’s where I’ve existed
Not knowing how to squash my fears and bring my dreams into reality

False realities come so easily
No use fighting them
They always prevail

Loneliness my companion
Walks next to me fingers entwined
My left, she calls, calls, and calls
Voicemail after voicemail
No answer to pull her back to reality
So she retreats back to her right side; the demons slide up around her snug.

Split in half, I lay
Wondering where my realities lies
Is it in the rain?
Is it in the dreams?
Is it in the demons?


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