Test it, Test me!

Each year it stares at me from the wall next to my desk.
May 19-June 8: the state testing window

I glance at it in the Autumn on my way to the window
to smile and remember 
the drumming, I witnessed before the bell rang.
I glance at it on my way to the SMART board
ready to teach a quick mini lesson
to twelve year olds gathered on the lush, red rug

It stares backs with doubt:
you can't be doing it all; preparing them for me
It looks down on my poetry cafe:
this will not prepare them for me; it scoffs

I stay focused on life's lessons; my true lessons to teach
I'm growing artists, not robots who perform on demand.
I'm growing artists who curve and bend on their way to learning.

The testing window looks down, glasses sliding down it's nose:
these "artists" better perform or it's your head, not mine!
So for a month before, I settle to show my little artists that they can do it!
They can conquer it and live to write the tale.

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