Free, Free, Free

I long for them
To frolic freely without a worry
To come home at night without school work

I long for them
to play in the pool till my fingers get wrinkly like my grandmother’s
to play soccer games in the cul de sac
free, free, free

I long for them
to wake up whenever it pleases me
To roll around the house without a care

summer days
I long for you
Especially when the days are bright longer into the night
And the temps beckon me to come outside

I long for them
that freedom
that lightness
that lovely, breezy space filled with possibilities

Summer days
I long for you


2 thoughts on “Free, Free, Free

  1. I love how, when you read it, you don’t know what “them” is until you get halfway through the poem and then it gives meaning to the past sentences. At first, it seems like your talking about people, like children and then I realised you were talking about summer days. I really long for summer days too and freedom! It’s kind of sad how true freedom is only temporary in todays world 🙂 Your poetry is lovely, thanks for sharing!

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