All dream, no action

she likes to dream big dreams
she gets excited about it all
greener grass, driving down curvy roads
laying on the sand, watching the clouds drift

she dreams of skating, dancing on ice
smooth like wind gracing the tips of an ocean
she dances and dreams 
inspiring all whom she greets
create, create, create
she whispers in every ear she finds

But do they believe her?
Do they see that she believes in them, in her,
in it all?
Does it all have to be absolute reality?
Can't some of it exist in the wind?

She dreams words flying freely
across the page
entertaining, inspiring, evoking
Isn't it real, if it's in her dream?
Isn't it going to happen, if she believes it will?

All dream, no action
she hears over and over again.

standing at the edge of a cliff,
she yells till it echoes:
dreaming it, is the first step
thoughts do create
it is my reality 
not yours, not yours!

One thought on “All dream, no action

  1. Reblogged this on Red and commented:
    “Mấy người bảo tôi mơ mộng, nhưng đây lại chính là thực tại của tôi. Đừng chỉ đứng ngoài và phán xét. Cuộc sống của tôi, không phải của các người!”.

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