Hit the Wall

brick by brick it builds on its own each year
completely independent of me and my life
oblivious, I carry on working, grading, planning, teaching, meeting,
working, grading, planning, teaching, creating
on and on
competing against the girl who expects a 100% every day.

brick by brick it builds
ignoring the weight in my feet,
I carry on
unbeknownst to me, the wall is getting taller
as long as I can see over it,
I continue at the same pace as if I don’t need peace, rest
creating, creating, creating
implementing, implementing, implementing
loving it, loving it, loving it

Until one day, I turn the corner and am smacked flat on my back
the wall is complete, taller than my 60 inches
solid brick
I look at it like an opponent instead of an ally
which it is
I crawl towards the end on my knees pushing the weight of the wall


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