La Musica

Once I swam around in a pool of music
I lay on my back listening to 
Achtung Baby on repeat on my brother's Discman,
dreaming about what would become of my life.

Once I knew every melody 
of Wyclef Jean's Quantanamera
and my hips swayed and rolled to the beat of this tune.
I knew every rap, r&b, and hip-hop song 
released each year 
and spent my time learning each part to each song.

Once I spent my evening hours 
choreographing dances
pretending to be a principal dancer.
Downloading every new house song.

Once music fed my body.
I only craved to be alone
so I could dance.
I didn't need television.
I didn't need anyone else, 
Just my big black boom box
and my mother's basement.

Where did it go?
Where did it go?

Thank you Mr. Silverstein for inspiring today's poem!

5 thoughts on “La Musica

      1. You betcha! I know it’s a long way away, but do you think you’ll do NaBloPoMo again? Would be fun to be on the same team again!

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