Lock Her Up

She arrives once 
every 23 days
crazy, blazing,
like a tornado
she takes it all down
people, love, relationships-- 
without prejudice.

She cries during commercials,
and snaps at students, family, and friends 
about nothing and everything.
She lives in a heightened state.

If you see her coming,
your best bet is to turn 
and walk in the other direction!
Walk away or she'll have something to say 
about you living your life in the wrong.
Her fury is for one and all.
No discrimination!

She rolls around in a frustrated rage
like a pressure cooker 
building, building, building,
with no release.
not for another 5-7 days. 

Everyone begs to lock her up!
I beg to lock her up--
But, she lives on-- 
returning monthly, 
grinning her evil grin.

Her simple request:
Embrace me, it'll be easier.
Accept me, you'll find peace.

Yet, I yell with all my might:


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