Hypocrite: Friend or Foe?


I called them hypocrites
for calling themselves Christians
and judging me for wearing earrings to church.

They called her a hypocrite for dating
the a deadbeat dad, while judging another for doing the same.

It seemed to be an easy word.
Thrown around without a drop of truth.
I used it everyday in anger against those I judged 
looking down from my sky-high soap box of purity.

It meant weakness.
It meant ridicule.
It meant dishonesty.

But what if, it is human nature to live in a paradox--
with two absolute opposites in each hand,
torn, yet accepting.
knowing you shouldn't, but wanting to anyway.

What if, holding these opposites 
show the truth 
and prove clear balance?
I judge you for conforming,
When I, too, hold it in one hand firmly--
Wanting it for myself.

Perhaps it means balance,

I receive balance
in this paradox.
I receive honesty
in this paradox.

Is it really the enemy 
or does it force me towards
life, reality, truth?

13th Floor Paradigm and Bastetโ€™s Sunday Prompts

11 thoughts on “Hypocrite: Friend or Foe?

  1. Nice take…I like the introspective quality of this poem…the making possible peace with human nature. Hypocrisy is no easy part of our human nature easy to admit, like the conclusion. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and contribute with this thoughful and though provoking piece.

  2. “and judging me for wearing earrings to church” resonates with me — along with your poem on women’s role, it echoes “and judging me for wearing divine femininity in public.”

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