I slipped on my Women's size 6
gray and teal Chuck Taylor's
and stood up
it was 70 degrees outside
A slight summer-like breeze
brushed through the apartment
hugging me
wishing me luck
All my belongings
packed, stacked
in a large truck
the inside
I couldn't help but remember
that first day I walked into
this very home 2 & 1/2 years ago
just like this
all the love and comfort
our first place
as husband and wife
the place
 --where I found my job
the place
 --where I started my novel
the place
the home
my home
The sun warmed my back
I memorized the blue walls
the very color
that we had chosen
holding hands
"you ready?" he asked
placing his hand on the small of my back
we walked out
leaving it behind:
our first place
allowing the sadness 
to dissolve into the new
the new love
the new comfort
that would be our--
sweet home.
My New Backyard!
My New Backyard!

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