A Slice to Remember

Danielle’s Desserts – Homemade Wonders

In a land not too far away,  
in a town named Mclean,
There's a lovely little bakery
named after it's founder:
Danielle's Desserts.

Danielle, Danielle
she bakes it all
cookies, cakes, pies,
even cupcakes.
there's one thing she makes
however, one thing that 
one thing that makes 
it makes life worth it.
the world melts away.
I float on my back 
in an large, empty pool 
with the sun rays warming me 
guiding me through it all.
It reminds me 
of the truth:
life is about the moments
the ones that stay in your heart 
forever and ever.

Danielle, Danielle
if only you knew
your healing powers
The cake, its lightness
so soft
so subtle, 
so subtle and rich 
the blend of sugar 
sugar and cream
a perfect pairing
that melts all the tension
it takes it away.

not too sweet
not too rich
just a slice
a slice to remember
a slice that erases
my daily stresses
a slice that takes
me away
away from it all 
all the petty nuisances
that bring me down

Heal me
Heal me
Heal me 
Dear Danielle
bring me a slice

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