I Won’t Apologize

for wearing ties and high-heeled boots
for Speaking up
for speaking the truth

I burp, I curse, 
I'm hard as asphalt
I'm tired of your noise
it's blinding

I don't apologize
I won't apologize
Stop putting pressure on me
it's not my style
and No! don't mean
I'm not a lady
my lipstick marks the truth
I won't apologize

Soft as a petal
light as air
like a sword
I slice through life
my t-shirt, jeans, 
high-top Nikes
it's true, it's true
It's all very true.

I won't, I don't
stop the pressure
stop this, stop that
it's not my style
and no! it don't mean
I'm not a stunnin'

I'm tired, so tired
of all your screaming
it's a waste 
cause that simply won't
work on me
My style, my hair
my lovely body
it's hot, so hot
--a perfect lady!

7 thoughts on “I Won’t Apologize

  1. Only a truly gifted poet could weave “burp” into her verses. If only there were more similarly gifted poets, maybe I’d read more poetry! Hats off to you for braving the medium and getting your post out so early. Damn you. I mean, great job!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog completely by accident (you know, when you search one thing and three hours later you find yourself on the other end of the Internet…) and I love this poem. from time to time I find things that make me say “dang, I wish I’d have written this” and your poem is one of those things πŸ™‚ you’ve got a new follower!

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