Love to Love Me, Love to Love You

7 things I love about me

1.  I am cheesy as hell.  I love all romantic comedies and watch them with very little expectation in terms of high quality art.  I watch them to be swept away.

2.  I love to eat.  I will try anything once and am not at all picky.  Blanket statements like, “I don’t eat Indian food or I don’t like olives,” confuse me and make me want to educate.

3.  I like fashion.  Creating outfits is an art form!  Styling would be my 2nd job.  If only others knew how I could influence their self-esteem, they would hire me to style them daily!

4.  I hold beaches in reverence.  Beaches are where I go to fill my soul.  Living close to the coast was such a blessing.  I really miss it and take vacations to it as often as possible!

5.  My hair is the shit.  I love my hair.  It is versatile:  it can go wavy or straight.  It gives me the confidence to be exactly who I want to be.

6.  I am a dancer.  Although insecure most times about my abilities, I love to dance.  Dancing makes me happy; it allows me to create and feel like I’m somebody.  My heart flies when I dance.

7.  I teach 7th graders.  It’s a cool ass job.  I laugh.  I am totally dramatic and sometimes completely exhausted, but my students, well most of them, are awesome.

7 things I love about you

1.  You stand up to me.  I love that you don’t simply agree with everything I say.

2.  You love to eat.  There is no one else I enjoy eating with more.  You analyze the flavors with the same intensity that I do and enjoy every bite!

3.  You love to travel.  Never was there a more comforting, easy, fun travel partner!  You make it feel new even when it’s not.

4.  You make me laugh.  Although I sometimes say you are just like my students, I secretly love your sense of humor.  It was the first characteristic I noticed; it’s why I am still with you.

5.  You are open-minded.  With my mistakes, with my humanity, you take it as it is and allow me to be human.  You love unconditionally; it’s completely satisfying and freeing.

6.  You persevere–a trait that I wish I had a better hold on.  You don’t see obstacles as stop signs like me. It’s inspiring to watch you live your life.

7.  You love fashion.  Your styling ability comes close to mine.  You find ways of reinventing old trends into new ones that easily catch one.


6 thoughts on “Love to Love Me, Love to Love You

  1. I like the “you” and “me” parts equally! The “me” part is something everyone should do regularly to make sure we’re appreciating the people who love us.

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