A Room of My Own

There once was a room 
in a town close to a city
A room in a building 
with Locals 
from near and far.
It's cozy and special
Just for one person
Within the walls 
of a two-bedroom
Filled with luxury
Filled with art: 
Pastels, oil paint, even a trumpet
Filled with love, poetry, drawings
and writings 
all from the past and  the present.

It's a space 
just for me
a club house
a room to write,
to meditate,
take a nap or just be.

This room, 
this club house,
my refuge every Sunday
to escape 
the day when sports 
they invade, 
invade my happy home.

This room,
My inspiration
it allows to  
It nurtures my needs,
forgives my mistakes,
and demands lazy days
once in a while.

This room, a space
a sacred place
has allowed me 
the freedom,
the liberty
to be exactly me!
An Outdoor Space of My Own!
An Outdoor Space of My Own!

NaBloPoMo Day 16!

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