Oh My God! I married a 7th grader!

1.  Him: “What’s this?”
Me: “A Poem”
Him:  “But it doesn’t rhyme.”

2. “When I eat something, my shirt eats it too!”

3. Me: “What’s going on in Philippines?”
Him: “there was a big ole storm there.”
Me: “yeah but what’s going on now?”
Him: ” there was a big ole storm there.”

4. “I don’t have a physician.”

5. “What’s the point of folding laundry?”

6. “Where’s my cookie?”

7. Me: “What’d you have for lunch?”
Him: “A hot dog!” (Said in a thick Indian accent and no he’s not Indian, but I am.)

8. “Downton Abbey? My grandma watches that!”

9. “My foot points better than yours.” (I take Ballet and am a dancer.)

10. “I can’t wait to put up my Halloween Tree!”

11.  “Why is your face so smooth this way and so rough the other way?”

Halloween Tree!
Halloween Tree!

NaBloPoMo Day 12!


5 thoughts on “Oh My God! I married a 7th grader!

  1. Me? I would just climb in and pull the covers up. My husband won’t make the bed, but if I don’t, he thinks I don’t love him. On the other hand, I watched him battle to fold my night gown to perfection. I said “But it’s a nightgown” and he said “I do it right.” His father was a tailor. There’s ONLY ONE right way. He folds like a champion (if there was an Olympic medal for laundry folding, he’s win a gold). We all have things we need to do a certain way. Even if they seem stupid to our mate. For him, it’s folding and ironing (he irons, too). Me? It’s anything in the kitchen. Or on the computer.

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