Let Go, Accept, Move On

Once upon a time,
There were two hotels:
the Waldorf and the Astoria
from the family of Astor
A premiere hotel 
Was born from the two:
the first to offer room service-- 
a historic place 
where several historical figures stayed
most significant of those--
Ms. Monroe, herself!
One afternoon,late Summer 
an idea was born
a celebration declared:
NYC, Broadway, the Waldorf Astoria

Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Broadway, the Waldorf Astoria
we yelped.

Tickets were bought,
Rooms were booked,
we waited.

Two months had passed,
but the time had arrived,
we were to check,
check into the hotel.

We entered with glee,
skipping up the staircase
like Americans in Europe, 
we walked in gawking
the walls, 
the ceilings
memorizing it all--
a historical moment.

Just then we entered,
A small, small room--
Old and expensive
Two beds;
from a time 
long, long ago

This is it? I thought
Where's the magic, the grandeur?
Where is the romance?
That's when it sunk in,
Yes, I was there. 
We were there
For one night only--
to splurge on luxury, magic, romance

I even crossed it off:
Waldorf Astoria 
my bucket list
I surveyed it
searched it meticulously 
trying to fill, 
fill my dreams

the room 
it offered me none
None of the magic, 
none of the history, 

It was ordinary
below ordinary
The wallpaper was peeling, 
peeling for godsake!
Next step: let go 
let go and accept

You paid for the name; 
it's up to you! 
create the magic
While, I declared 
over and over
how unacceptable it was 
to pay a high cost 
for this,
this ordinary space,

I was reminded.
Let go, 
accept it;
move on
You don't have control, 
control over this!

Once upon a time,
there was magic
not because of 
a historical space
but because,
we made our own 
our own magic.

Just a little bit of magic!
Just a little bit of magic!
NaBloPoMo Day 11-- Booyah!

150 thoughts on “Let Go, Accept, Move On

  1. This was great. I have a long history myself of romanticizing my plans and then getting crushed when the details aren’t the way I had imagined. I have started to be more open to whatever the experience will be and not get myself all hung up on it needing to be a certain way. I like your idea of making your own magic.

  2. I know what it is like to drink dust, to consume the fragments of broken dreams and feel the weight of hopelessness digesting in an empty gut.

  3. This poem is the magic you created! πŸ™‚ You’re a great writer, congrats on being freshly pressed! Keep creating your own magic xo

  4. Nice poem there and I enjoyed my “trip” to NY with you and the dissappointment that the accommodation brought. I guess it is one of the drawbacks of being a dreamer when the reality of peeling wallpaper kicks in it kinda stinks! Keep up the dreaming!

  5. Love, its like a love story only you didn’t know you were the fool in the relationship. Oh well you have to make the best of it mainly because its your script. So get creative and yes let it go. I love creating moments in the most awkward circumstances. This is a great example of the magic we all have inside of us. Thank you

  6. So many people forget just why a place is historic. Independence Hall is not historic because its an old clock tower. It is historic because 56 men Dedicated their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to secure the blessings of liberty for their children’s future. It is historic because a new nation was born within its walls. History is made up of the actions of men, we are writing the text books our children will read, what do you want it to say?

  7. lovely. “Once upon a time, there was magic not because of a historical space but because, we made our own our own magic.”
    This is so profound. Brilliant absolutely.
    Congratulations on being freshly pressed.

  8. It reminds me of the trips I have made with the wife. During the trips we complained is this it. This is the Alamo, no big deal. This is the arch, no big deal, this is the San Fran Bridge, Big deal. But years later we took out the brochures and the memories were a big deal.

  9. I enjoyed this piece and my favorite lines were: “Next step: let go
    let go and accept:” “Next step: let go
    let go and accept”

    I enjoyed these two lines because this is life’s lesson and we have to accept it from life to death we have to live, let go, and accept especially if we expect to prosper and that’s the magic of it all.

  10. Great poem . . . it remind me of when I went to a cotillion at the Waldorf and we went to the room where the family of the girls were. The room was small and drab. Some 35 years later I wonder were we really at the Waldorf so I can relate. Congrats on being freshly pressed.

  11. “Once upon a time, there was magic not because of a historical space but because, we made our own our own magic.”
    Congrats on making your own magic! Lovely magic words!

  12. Reblogged this on Felixlix's blog and commented:
    “Once upon a time, there was magic not because of a historical space but because, we made our own our own magic.”
    Need to re-blog this! Beautifully written!

  13. I am the kind who likes each detail to be planned and perfected on a holiday. And most of the time it never happens as decided. Of corse I have to create my own magic then!! Magical post:D

  14. I think learning that what we had conjured up in our minds in terms of our personal expectations of a variety of things isn’t as we thought is disappointing and a let down to say the least. I enjoyed the article.

  15. For the fun of it i decided to comment on your poem with another poem:
    High high expectations
    That is all we want from life
    And to us life has to turn out
    Just as we had planned in our
    Heads and soul and when
    For years it seems not forth
    Coming we collapse in pain
    And complain for the rest
    Of the years

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