Thirty-somethings vs Twenty-somethings

This weekend I get to go to New York City to help celebrate a friend’s thirtieth birthday. (I, too, went to NY and Long Island for mine). I am to fly in on Saturday, stay the night at the Waldorf Astoria and go to a Broadway show.  Finally, checking off an item on my bucket list:  Stay the Waldorf Astoria.

When this morning, a twenty something coworker questioned me about flying in versus driving in or busing in, it occurred to me that there are certain activities I that I have retired since turning thirty. Not to say that they are below me, but more that I’m so tired of not being comfortable whilst traveling/vacationing. In my twenties, I rode the Chinatown Express many a times with several meaningful experiences like getting a flat tire on our way in Jersey and waiting several hours to get another bus or sitting next to the Jamaican preacher who thought it was God’s will to convert me via multiple sermons during our four-hour journey. One year, I drove to NYC to move and then, turned around to drive my car back the same day to drop it off and took the Greyhound back. Needless to say, I drove/rode to New York most of the time swallowing down my nausea many a time.

When I turned 30, a few years ago, I made an executive decision about NYC:

1. Travel there in comfort
2. Walk the city on my own for at least 30 minutes on every trip
3. Always eat well
4. Purchase one memorable item

One without my experiences, who may not have lived in the city, may be quick I judge calling me excessive or shi-shi. My response? Try it before you knock it!

Life’s about you! As my students reminded me a couple of years ago: YOLO, Ms. C.  It’s about giving myself permission to spend some of the money that I work so hard to earn.  It’s about feeling comfortable and satisfied.

So this weekend, this thirty-something girl, grateful to have lived through her twenties, intends to YOLO it! Even if it means doing something low-key or a complete splurge or a little more comfortable.



9 thoughts on “Thirty-somethings vs Twenty-somethings

  1. Hey! You go, girl! No one should ever judge you for wanting an alternative means to travel. You should not have to feel like you’re soft in the middle for wanting a more comfortable ride. It’s always better to arrive at your destination clear-minded and not exhausted.

  2. I like the way you think, my dear! When I look back at the travel experiences I’ve had over the years, I’m glad I’ve had them all, but there are some that I have no desire to repeat (Barcelona, 1991: Five girls, one room, innumerable cockroaches, and one constantly lit overhead light bulb). Just wait til you hit your 40s. I recently decided to join my parents on their trip to Alaska this summer and informed them that I would happily pay the single supplement for the pure joy of having my own room.

  3. Have a great time–you definitely deserve to travel in comfort. I did some sleeping on the ground in a tent this past summer. It was a great trip, but I also decided that, that’s it–I never want to sleep on the ground again, if I can help it. I’m in my late 40s, and it only gets more uncomfortable as the years go by.

  4. I think your way is the way to go. I don’t travel, mostly because I don’t like to, but can relate to wanting to be comfortable no matter what.

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