Dear Bowl O’ Cereal,

‘Twas the week before the end of the quarter
Not a soul could be found relaxing
All were stressed, grading everything they saw
Grading and grading into the night and early morn’
Until I saw, she saw, we all saw that sparkling honey bee

You with your comfy smooth bite.
You with your crunchy till the end sweet.
Thank you for your low nutritional value and high nostalgia–
For your creamy goodness that fills my sadness–
For your flexibility and availability.

It was you who provided me with love when no one else was awake
It was you who boosted me to grade just. one. more. essay.
It was you, you, you

Your fluffy nothingness
makes life a just little more worth living
So I come to you with gratitude for it all,
for giving me what I need
on the mornings that I want to quit my job and go back to bed.
Grateful that I can have you at anytime–
day or night without much effort and thought!
You with your smooth creamy crunch;
you make me better.
Your Dedicated Consumer

13 thoughts on “Dear Bowl O’ Cereal,

  1. Right now, with pneumonia, I’m living on prepackaged puddings. Not even cereal. I used to read the backs of the boxes, but haven’t really eaten it in years.

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