Enveloped by Darkness,
I lean my damp back
against the feathery soft pillow
and close my eyes gently
Trying not to think
I lay
in the airtight room
why me?
what if?
how come?
the questions swirl
faster and faster
I watch them                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
as they whirl by
in a blender
suffocating me.
I breathe out loud to the empty room
It sighs back
Even with the storm of loving words,
I lay in the giant bed
soaked through and through,
Hating it all
Fearing the aftermath
Wishing I didn’t have
a demanding job
Chastizing myself for not being perfect
Seventy-five days passed by
Yet the darkness lingers
Like a soggy wet shoe—
Shaking off the cold shoe
I remain forever stamped
Stamped by the darkest hour
The darkest hour that passed through me
Stronger for it
I sit, grateful that its over.

2 thoughts on “Passing

    1. Thanks for checking in girlie! I’m fine, I wrote this way back when I had the flu and finally edited and posted it. Definitely not a reflection of my feelings currently. :). Hope you are well and we so need a gathering! Things have been crazy busy, but starting next week my life slows down a bit so perhaps we can plan something soon!

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