Dreams Count to Ten

1.  I am a romantic and because of this I live a life filled with dreams.  Dreams of being a wanderer.  Dreams of being a writer.  Dreams of being an actress.  Dreams of living in Hawaii and Europe and Australia and South America.  Dreams of being a filmmaker.  Dreams that I have learned to contain to be an effective teacher/human.

2.  Teachers are greedy about planning time.  What if we restructured schools days to allow for 2-3 hours of planning time?  What if teachers’ teaching time was equal to their planning time?  What if school days were shorter so that students could learn from experience?

3.  I want to grow:  emotionally, spiritually, professionally.  Sometimes to my detriment, I reflect, reflect, and reflect some more.

4.  I will always be a risk-taker.  Rules and authority will always be institutions that I have to work hard to not rebel against.  Coloring within the lines is not my thing.

5.  I have a zillion ideas and have trouble focusing on one sometimes.  There’s always something better I could be doing as a person, as a teacher, as an artist.  It is the best and worst part of who I am.

6.  Fictional stories, no, the perfect combination of music, images, and dialogue on film take me away, take me into this unexplainable place where love, light, and dreams exist in the form of a light fluffy cloud inside my chest.

7.  Food is not simply fuel for my body.  It is an experience, a transaction really.  One that brings me back to places I remember fondly and to places far from where I started.

8.  There’s nothing better than giggling away the night with a friend that knows you inside-out and loves you unconditionally.

9.  When I stand at the edge of the ocean looking into the horizon, I am one with the universe.  It is one of the few places that I can clear my mind of thoughts.

10.  In my heart of hearts, I feel safe when I am with my husband.  In my heart of hearts, I was born to be an artist.  In my heart of hearts, I am a girl who follows her dreams and trusts they will come true.


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