Ode to the Fallen Chocolate Cake

I live 5 minutes away from this amazing seafood restaurant:  Turner’s Seafood Restaurant and Market.  They have the most yummy choices in terms of seafood.  The star of their menu– the best molten chocolate cake that I have EVER had– is their Fallen chocolate cake.  It is enough to share and comes with homemade whip cream on top not ice cream.  The fallen cake is house-made as well, which is the mark of a better restaurant!  What makes it the best I’ve ever had is its simplicity in flavor and its quality of chocolate.  The chocolate isn’t too sweet like most places that make a similar dish, its also real chocolate.  How can you tell?  It has a slight bitter taste, but is still crazy delicious!  The homemade whip cream isn’t sweetened unlike most whip creams and you will never want it any other way!  The warm melt in your mouth cake with the rich, light, creamy whip cream is like that feeling you get when you lay down for savasana at the end of yoga class:  honest, truthful, spiritual, brings tears to your eyes comfort.  This is the kind of dessert that inspires me to attempt a fallen chocolate cake on my own.

You should know that I am not a chocolate cake lover, but the fallen chocolate cake I love!

Every time I go to Turner’s, I have this inner struggle:  to get the cake or not.  While the cake is so amazing, I know that it is not the healthiest option on the menu.  But how can I not get it, when it’s just soooo delicious!  I struggle and struggle and most of the time wait till N or the person I’m with orders it and indulge.  I have this need to control what I eat, but truthfully have no control over it.  Then, I beat myself up for not having control.

As I learn about myself and try to understand and accept myself as I am, I am realizing that I live in extremes:  All or Nothing type of thinking.  I either try not to have any of the chocolate cake ever unless it’s a special occasion or I eat it every time I am in Turners.  A good friend of mine said the the secret to being a good teacher is balance.  I amend this to:  the secret of life is striving toward achieving balance, but knowing that being human means that you will achieve it sometimes and it will slip away at others; continuing to strive for it though is the key.

Today I had a few bites and let the rest remain in the white dish.  Balance:  you come to me so easily some days and are so challenging on others.  Still I am grateful for the possibility of having you again.  Also, I am grateful for the chef who makes the Fallen Chocolate Cake at Turners!


2 thoughts on “Ode to the Fallen Chocolate Cake

  1. oh, that moment of deep relaxation in yoga is so good. i literally feel like i’m being held like a baby, so secure, a feeling i only distantly remember from very early childhood. it also feels like someone is holding your heart…so good.

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