I place the paper boat on the water, Fingers lingering to support the transition from steady to moving And wait. She sways unsteady at first, I hear the loud cries of “comeback”, “don’t let go,” “we cannot part” The air above the bathtub is still And she stays and I stay bathing in her initial … More Emancipation


I used spend all this time, Thinking, belittling my work Because I thought you, You didn’t approve, value, Like it Some many words, conversations Played on repeat A continuous loop of You don’t think my work is good Therefore, I am not good I used to place all this weight On myself, judging, minimizing My … More Condescensions


She obsesses, hourly, minute by minute, a constant second hand ticking away nonetheless: there is only one way to begin, Place a single brick where you desire, crafting a sturdy tower, takes more time than you think.


Twenty years ago June 3rd, I walked off drove off towards the hills of my new dorm, my best friend, my dreams I had had an insane, rebellion filled year before The red handcuffs of a “girl’s place” in the rearview mirror, I drove towards freedom, demanding my rights, my equality to the men in … More Twenty


Today I came to see that if I release you, free you of my expectations, we will soar. Today I came to see that I can’t fix this world for you and though it saddens me, it also frees me. Today I came to see that if I play my cards right, say the right … More Alright

Fragmented Whole

Jealousy spreads in her veins dark, grimy,              moves at the speed of light, destroys the walls of her veins, rips, punctures, breaks And In those same veins, a deep, boundless love for the same thing she is jealous of resides, warm, powerful, bright           moves    … More Fragmented Whole

Friday the Thirteenth

From classroom to lip sync battle From discipline and set up and chaos in the sweltering room dripping with conversations about civil rights activists and coding From cake to boisterous laughter in a too small room to Rachel Zoe in a cafeteria dance A revolving door of hats Solving problems, calming anxieties, handing out consequences, … More Friday the Thirteenth