fingers trembling I write batting away each what if! it’s there. it’s good. It’s worth it. more than that it’s yours. I tell myself. yet I tremble– beneath the surface it grows strong stronger than ever before I can feel the structure protective and inspiring fighting for me. fingers trembling I write protected by my… More Armor


back home a loneliness fills the reality of it ending the fantasy blown away by the winds of truth unpack rearrange call him call her call them eat right exercise back on track detox back home a loneliness fills only at night in the dark silence it’s over really over And now the rest begins

A Lady of Leisure

The creamy dessert like sauce of cardamom and almond sweep my tongue and I am sitting at my mom’s dinning table plastic table cloth and all.  So reminiscent of her Kheer, I dove in moaning with greed.  Lamb Rajasthani.  A meal I’d yet to have as an Indian girl.  I ate in silence unsure how… More A Lady of Leisure

The Free one

Knees high, wide strides I run towards nothing away from everything laughing loud and free Bare feet on sand I chase after everything Stop Turn Chase some more. No fear No stress No anger No doubt I turn the corner gray strands framing my face I see you take off and feel it inside that… More The Free one

A Raft of Courage

“If you think you are ready to publish, you are not even close.  So many writers are trying to fast track to publishing, without putting in the work.  This work is definitely not ready to show anyone,” she spoke to me as if I were a child writer trying to bypass experience to win the… More A Raft of Courage