Ivory Glass

Cevan stands at the foot of the cascading staircase; head tilted up Its ivory steps and mahogany banister spiral toward,  glowing new; shimmering posibilities Pristine He squints, looking at the top, knows there’s only one way to get there Still, old memories haunt him, pinning him to the floor Can he take the same staircase,… More Ivory Glass

First Run

She kneels on one leg and ties those purple laces, the shoes she’s been longing to slide into for over a month, the right laces are pulled loose to fit the then swollen foot and brace, but today she pulls them tight, runs her fingers over the ankle testing the tendons, wondering have they fused… More First Run

In the Distance

I coast softly with the wind, towards shore. Sunlight holds me up; moonlight towing me in. A vast ocean of rights and wrongs behind me: the lessons I’ve learned at every island. I gaze back at the miles of green-blue waters and know I can rely on one constant and it’s the waves– Some let… More In the Distance


I stroll off the runway and my skin is scotch tape– Strands of hair stick to my cheeks a rush of my favorite element sweeps by flipping my shirt up above my soon to be crisp abs and that eighteen year old tattoo… I am the coconut trees we pass; I am the blue waters;… More Spirit


Soft streams of light tread across the dark floorboards, cold, warm and I kayak along them gently paddling my way towards, away fluttering my fingers in the light I trace figure eights in the air beside┬áme slide my chin in and around a circle The slight burn skims my lips and my lungs expand in… More Here


Dearest, Don’t you spend your nights twisting and turning sweating and shivering Don’t– spend your days planning and preparing perfecting and paving because, I am here I will protect you from the demons of your past those who hover over your head haunting you most nights. I will cradle you in my soft arms and… More Dearest