Three Words

“You got fat,” he said. “You got fat, grandpa,” I say but I know it’s not true, he’s not fat am I? When was the last time he saw me? What do I weigh? Is it what I’m wearing? I know I look different now than even three years ago, I am aging, it seems … More Three Words

Prep Eve

The sun slices the kitchen counter in half, my laptop screen flickers with the recipe I’m loosely referring to and its battery is low, dangerously low–it’s how I like to do Sunday dinner… On a tightrope, knowing I may have to rely on my photographic memory at any moment. I mix and stir and bake. I … More Prep Eve

Friday’s Schedule

Period one:  Close eyes to meditate with a circle of eleven eighth graders, hear a giggle, slide eyes open and supervise with stern looks.  Try to meditate with eyes open. Period two:  Lose track of time, get up to pick up snack; bell rings two steps away from classroom door.  Rush to get snack anyway, … More Friday’s Schedule

Campus Rapids

Inside the tiny lunch room, with its tiny chairs and low ceilings next to the copier behind closed-doors In the corners of the hallways It spreads– like a lit match in a windy forest, faster than the blink of an eye… stories form and spread of her and him and them “Did you hear…” “Are … More Campus Rapids


“You have to sleep here, little girls are the first to get kidnapped and sold into prostitution,” my mother used to tell me as she squeezed me in between the wall and her on trains. My mind gurgles on the inside with directives from all of you; none of whom have known the glory of … More Scream

A Level Anchor

Arms out in a T-shape, I walk stable as hell across a tight rope; it’s new, it’s old, I should have mastered this prance, but today eleven years later, after a full thirty days of getting back on and sliding right off, I am back baby. I could jog across the thin line barefoot, if … More A Level Anchor