New Skin

Breathe. I instruct. Turn the paparazzi flashes off. Breathe. And listen, grab the handles tight. Feel. Their rough edges inside your palm, painting callouses onto virgin skin. Don’t. Let your body, mind be dragged behind you, ripping to shreds like stewed chicken. Breathe. And see that tiny dim light–light years away, forty light years away. … More New Skin


Easily she parts the curtains, strides on stage towards the audience below never once pausing Her body glides from stage right to left upstage to downstage performing is the only way to live and she won’t quit even when she is challenged, and pushed around, and rejected this is the drive of a female lead. … More Drive

13 Reasons Why

It happened a month ago, when I visited a new mom friend. I love visiting my friend’s babies when they are just born, it is a lovely, cuddly experience and in the past, I’d always imagined holding my own when I held theirs, had dreamt about how I would feel post birth holding my child. … More 13 Reasons Why

The Bench

There’s an empty bench across the way. Wooden, faded, warped. The lemon sun rays slice through it. Warmed shadows decorate the concrete beneath. Railroad tracks that tell stories upon stories. Laughter echoes from behind: ghosts of relationships formed, generations of discussions: people longing, longing to be heard, understood; discussions of people hoping to articulate painful, … More The Bench

Used to

Used to be that weekends were my refuge, my resting place, my recharge station When did they become the other? Filled with mysteries, I obsess to solve in my head letting thin slimy threads slip out now and then Used to be that evenings, I couldn’t wait for, bouncing the minute that key jiggled in … More Used to


It is. the end of your day; the start of my weekend. You are. driving home most likely, maybe cursing the traffic, maybe the town, maybe smiling in the rearview mirror at your son, maybe singing to him while he screams bloody murder. I am. soaking in a tub, staring at my blank screen, writing … More Interval