True North

I lie horizontal eyes fixed on the blinding sun, sparks of needly pain spread across my scalp, they follow the pathways of my nerves And remember: The night I became a matrix of nerves, not body, not muscle, not even skin in this sharp wiry sting, Whilst breathing, (never have I understood lamaze breathing more) … More True North

Fist in Air

The ultimate measure of a woman is not how many balls she can keep up in the air, but in the strength she gives herself to stand up for her needs!


I Am a fucking mountain, sturdy, tall, muscular you may try to move me, shoving with your words you may try to blow a tunnel through me, use large sticks of dynamite to show me you are in charge And I will remain me: A mountain of a woman, no obstacle in my path, I … More Summit

New Skin

Breathe. I instruct. Turn the paparazzi flashes off. Breathe. And listen, grab the handles tight. Feel. Their rough edges inside your palm, painting callouses onto virgin skin. Don’t. Let your body, mind be dragged behind you, ripping to shreds like stewed chicken. Breathe. And see that tiny dim light–light years away, forty light years away. … More New Skin


Easily she parts the curtains, strides on stage towards the audience below never once pausing Her body glides from stage right to left upstage to downstage performing is the only way to live and she won’t quit even when she is challenged, and pushed around, and rejected this is the drive of a female lead. … More Drive