Act Now

I keep waiting, finger hovering over the delete button, Inside I know it’s time, cut the ties, leave the memories, But my anger fills my eyes, runs down my cheeks and I wade through the thick swamp of who am I and will you see me? Will I see me? So I leave my finger … More Act Now

Artist Remind

Remember to write, you are a writer no matter what they say, Remember to create, you are a an artist ignore, avoid, cleanse yourself of the inconsistent threads, whispers of you aren’t and you can’t Just do today, now, tomorrow, then between the must do’s and should do’s fill the space and liberate your insides … More Artist Remind

Blame it on Them.

They. They are to blame for your false sense of knowledge and power. they give you so much power, and you. you glide upwards, a helium balloon, eyes trained on me. Me. You. a constant repetitive machine, robot filled with ancient philosophies on how I must live my life, a constant repetitive flow of words, … More Blame it on Them.


When I was young, I dreamed up a hollywood life, full of flashy lights and perfect endings; hyperbolic scenes of families gathered around large, vibrantly decorated tables at holidays, bursting with banter between siblings and parents; heightened fights with teenage daughter which inevitably ended in a softly lit bedroom, on a bay window overlooking a … More Youngster

Jet Lag

Yellow stripes paint the bedroom wall, dusk enters and this girl has to woman up, once again The sun is threatening to descend, the girl yearns to florick across the green, green, grass, enter those woods An evening stroll through spring, but instead she is in bed, blinds closed, her bedroom imitates night slivers of … More Jet Lag