The lid shudders as the soup bubbles underneath. I watch it seep out in short bursts of tremors. I should turn the heat down, but all I want to do is turn it up; all the way up so that it explodes on to the stove and ceiling, scorching the floor too. A puréed mixture… More Boil

First Autumn

I walk through the drizzling leaves and make a wish on each leaf as if it were a shooting star. The wind sweeps through us and sends the leaves into a synchronized swim. I stand shivering out the memory of that first Autumn back in 1990, when the rusty scent of leaves on the lawn… More First Autumn


Since the moment I left that craft store in Delhi, I’ve been on that high.  You may know it if you’ve ever haggled your way to the price you want.  It was a Friday night and the Chinese Vice President was visiting Delhi on official business.  This normally wouldn’t matter to me, except that security was… More Limbo


One day at a time One minute One step at a time I walk towards my destiny I grant me permission to dream  I stomp on the possibility that  I won’t have it someday in my arms. One foot in front of the other  I move forward with blinders on So that I keep my… More One


Upon arrival it’s clear: English booms from speakers; television, radio, conversations all around it should be familiar, comforting even– instead the easy rounded sounds of a language she knows inside out feels wrong; sounds wrong Disconnected she tries to stay up past nine o’ clock; forcing her body to remember: this, too, is home, this,… More Minority