A Level Anchor

Arms out in a T-shape, I walk stable as hell across a tight rope; it’s new, it’s old, I should have mastered this prance, but today eleven years later, after a full thirty days of getting back on and sliding right off, I am back baby. I could jog across the thin line barefoot, if … More A Level Anchor


The french doors swing open with a baby gust of wind: me on one side, you on the other Our eyes meet–soft at first, then hard, narrowing to a thin line of sight I focus all my desire with magnetic force; I am the sun, you the earth But, you maintain the same fierce force … More Charge


A storm of doubts, fears, comparisons drench her and she stands out there absorbing it through her thin twenty year old skin. “Wear a raincoat,” I yell back, “cover yourself!” But my cries are silent for they can’t transcend time,  she can’t hear me She’s too far from all I can offer; too young to … More Reach


Noon: dust off cobwebs Stand, clothe, eat, begin again For You’re still you now!


It’s supposed to be Autumn, but it feels like summer; my cute yellow sweater just a bit too warm.  We stroll along a city, we are supposed to know, but neither of us do.  It’s a Friday night and we spent the evening attempting to find something to do and then crossing off all options … More Duet