I Will You

Will You–ever know the long ass journey it took on two Pan Am flights, the gapping loss I felt, the foreign tastes that I couldn’t wash away fast enough? Will You– ever know the deep-rooted longing for… the daily melding of two halves, the yearning to return and taste and smell and see and feel, … More I Will You

Sharp Curve

It’s Four O’clock here, ┬áthe day your dream comes to fruition. It’s four o’clock here, I envision you cradling him in your arms, wrapped up like a burrito and I see her: twenty-six, khakis, yellow t-shirt, black flats she stands in the doorway looking at the class library, the one she spent her own money … More Sharp Curve


Separately we Pursue the same goal, yearning Together we get strong


I drove down another path today, in another car, dreaming other dreams The dust behind did not chase my car, no, it watched me move on, away from those old thoughts I drove in the same city, with the same passenger, but it was new, and I was just a bit giddy with the newness … More Rebirth


I am a starfish. On my back, check my pulse–for This is my jailhouse, On my back, confined and cuffed I am to this stillness.


Oh sweet April! With your showers so full and pastels blooming–you sweep me away at each, each arrival. Bringing me dreams upon dreams of free, free days and long light nights; oh glorious strolls! strolls of green, green, green. Oh sweet April!  With your pollen so thick, I feel I’m breathing through a woolly filter–you … More April

Stage 2

I’m in a ring, swinging, swinging, swinging, swinging left, right, uppercuts, left, right Bounce, bounce, bouncing on the balls of my feet—a dancer-fighter swinging punches left and right, Fight, fight, fighting for the release  The oh so sweet release; I know it’s coming.