Gears shift, up, down park, drive, neutral, drive, park apparitions coast over, under click, clack, squeal, click, clack and I I’m still here A lil’ new, a lil’ old, a lot whole no more parts surfing on wind-threads no more slices trampled at every turn no more edges scraping tin-walls no I I’m here.  

Ivory Glass

Cevan stands at the foot of the cascading staircase; head tilted up Its ivory steps and mahogany banister spiral toward, glowing new; shimmering posibilities Pristine He squints, looking at the top, knows there’s only one way to get there Still, old memories haunt him, pinning him to the floor Can he take the same staircase, … More Ivory Glass

First Run

She kneels on one leg and ties those purple laces, the shoes she’s been longing to slide into for over a month, the right laces are pulled loose to fit the then swollen foot and brace, but today she pulls them tight, runs her fingers over the ankle testing the tendons, wondering have they fused … More First Run