scattered into tiny  bits and pieces south southwest north Northeast hungry to be glued back together they remain– scattered They try and try holding on with the click, click, click of each letter and piece lighting only for fractions tiny instants dangling in between– but in reality they are scattered.

The Game

A gaping hole wider than our planet’s surface Grows inside her and I watch Yearning to pick her up in my wide arms and rock her back to whole Benched on the side lines I watch the game over and over Screaming out profanities play after play But… it’s not mine Not mine to play… More The Game

My Space

Clear Green Private Silent One Gently she emerges From Thin Thin Air To drink quiet life Birds, crickets, squirrels, deer gather A meeting of life Holding hands together They drink it up! Clear Green Private Silent One


Free of your blame I stand— on my two feet. Free of the cloudy past like an oak in a storm I am firmly grounded. Free of your expectations Free of my expectations I sail on— through deep waters It’s a first I agree It’s right It’s me Me; now Free of you Free of… More Anew

Educator. Eroded.

Nine years ago, I wandered the aisles of Staples filled with glee and uncertainty for my first year of teaching.  I purchased three items: a purple stapler, a pencil holder with a name tag slot on the front and a pack of multicolor Pilot pens for grading.  That Friday in my empty classroom, I envisioned… More Educator. Eroded.