I trace the intricate labyrinth on the paper in front of me considering the pieces of fears that flip like pages through my brain I focus my eyes, narrow them to each curve the skinny tip of my pen glides like figure skates on ice each stroke erases a page of fear, reminding me that… More Mandala

She Dwells

A tight spindle on sharp threads wind through every corner of her mind, slicing open ancient wounds–a perpetual pain machine unrelenting.  Most would want it gone, fight to heal, but for her it’s comfortable, soothing even. For she only knows how to live in pain.


Between the lines I inject color  Deep pigments of flagrant hues Ink flies off the page–an eagle soaring in the open skies And for a couple of hours there’s silence: No dings of messages;  No sitcom laughter; No chores yelling for attention; No problem needing a solution Just an even wrist shading in the colors… More Silent

As Her Own

Behind her A mountain of ashes rise Tall, venomous Encompasses a year’s worth of darkness that took residence in her bloodstream and infected every inch of her body The rubble of desires now gray dust Behind her. While now she saunters delicately into still waters– Knows what’s ahead won’t be perfect, but goes¬†anyway courageously seeking… More As Her Own


A circle a circle of new, old, tall, short, and everything in between a circle of percussion drumming out beats of laughter and memories  Sound waves of Loud rhymthic vibrations that only we can expell Together we slap stories our beats, A unique union–no outsiders allowed.