All dream, no action

21 Apr
she likes to dream big dreams
she gets excited about it all
greener grass, driving down curvy roads
laying on the sand, watching the clouds drift

she dreams of skating, dancing on ice
smooth like wind gracing the tips of an ocean
she dances and dreams 
inspiring all whom she greets
create, create, create
she whispers in every ear she finds

But do they believe her?
Do they see that she believes in them, in her,
in it all?
Does it all have to be absolute reality?
Can't some of it exist in the wind?

She dreams words flying freely
across the page
entertaining, inspiring, evoking
Isn't it real, if it's in her dream?
Isn't it going to happen, if she believes it will?

All dream, no action
she hears over and over again.

standing at the edge of a cliff,
she yells till it echoes:
dreaming it, is the first step
thoughts do create
it is my reality 
not yours, not yours!


20 Apr
I wait
patiently most days
impatient most days
chasing after you
all of them
happy in their perfect
white picket fence houses
go after it
here’s some ideas
do this, do that
I’m told at every corner
I nod kindly
screaming on the inside
so, I wait
I wait  hiking parts of Mount Everest
I wait moving to Madrid
I wait jaunting off to Sydney
I wait booking an adventure in Croatia
I wait
patiently most days
impatiently most days
chasing after you.
NaPoWriMo Day 20

Some days

20 Apr

Some days I dwell in the distance
Watching it like water boiling
Careful not to let it boil over

from my window, I stare
Miles growing with each minute
The scene slowly growing
moving forward without me
I see it, too scared to propel myself
feet firm and stationery

Analyzing tiny details, I watch
accepting that clarity will never be mine, I hold the fear
Say hello and dive
allowing all of it–distance, fear, excitement to float and swirl
around me, within me

Some days I dwell.
Some days I dive.

Finale Shine

18 Apr

9 weeks at long last
the finale is so close
Light at the end–shine!

Fourth Quarter here, now
dream2write relax and breathe
It’s time to use it all now:

Balance, presence, peace
Enjoy this time as it comes
See the true light shine

Others are not your–
let the test scores be as they may

Believe in yourself
love it–your finale

Create Now

18 Apr

I sit alone watching each sun ray cut through the window to get to my skin,
Light at last
Darkness just a memory

Parts of me
Float back together
Letting go and accepting

I lay my head against the kind pillow
Supported, I dream
Erasing all the hatred, guilt, sadness
Remembering that I am
I am
I am an artist
So it’s time to create!

Schoolhouse Escape

17 Apr

Guest Blog! Enjoy!

It’s a loop from childhood –

3 is a magic number.

So 3 get in the car for 3 days

To find a bit of childhood.

And maybe they do.


Somewhere between the

adult problems

adult decisions

adult mis-comforts

it’s there, hiding on the wind blown beach

with ballet leaps

with solitary strolls

with just-around-the-bends that are still



It greets them fleetingly,

in Daisy-on-a-lounge moments

in hair makeover moments

in impromptu fashion show moments.

They hold on to the fragile glimpses as best they can

with community traditions

with late night tales

with unexpected costume changes.


When 3 get in the car to unwind the whole adventure,

it’s still on a loop from childhood –

3 is a magic number.

Bring Us Together

16 Apr

Bring us together
Tomfoolery and all
Leave behind walls
They crowd us too much

Bring us together
Late into night
Stories and stories
Giggle out of us tonight

Leave them behind
No walls today
Boxing us in too tight to breathe

Bring us together
To learn from each other
Dishes and breakfasts that
Melt our palates

Bring us together
No walls, No filters
Just girls: a story
Unique and perfect

Leave it behind
Leave it alone
To live no more:
A tall thick wall.


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